Don't be fooled by Nunn's cliche and historical analysis of Albee's career. As usual, Marlowe has assembled a skilled and agile cast to purvey great drama. It we must pedantically argue that "Woolf" is Albee's greatest play, then let "Dubuque" take the dramaturgical sidelight, but enjoy this production as a unique opportunity to see a different Albee play on stage! Be grateful that The Organic Theatre continues to make bold production choices that keep Chicago awake to the true spectrum of profound dramatic works. As for the acting: We're all a little sad that Doylida isn't her usual glamorous self in this run, but one must admit that she has not been type-cast here! Marlowe's cast is expert, realising the classic illusion of Albee's characters who are never completely comfortable in their own skin. They are self-involved yet totally engrossed rich in subtext. In the bizarre way that good plays always intersect with real life, "Dubuque" meets us here. Marlowe has taken the challenge and brought it to life. Especially if you missed "Tiny Alice" at The Theatre Building a decade ago, see this play. It's not often that Albee plays in this city. And, if the man himself (Albee, that is) approved thiss premier, that's way better endorsement than any critic can give!

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